Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team: What is Chemistry & How Does It Work?

Give your players and team a statistical boost in Ultimate Team.

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Knowing how Chemistry works in Madden NFL 24 could be the difference between winning and losing. Additionally, having the right formula will help you decide who plays and who drops out of the starting lineup. In this post, I’ll be going over Ultimate Team Chemistry and how to use it when selecting your starting lineup before taking the field.

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How Does Chemistry Work in Madden NFL 24?

The Chemistry feature in Madden 24 provides players with a certain number of player items that are the same kind a statistical boost when using them in their lineup. For example: if you have a Philadelphia Eagles Team Chemistry item, all Eagles player items used in the lineup with the Eagles Team Chemistry will increase your starting lineup stats tremendously. The more you have, the bigger the increase in stats. Players can get up to 50 boosts in total on a single type of item.

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Chemistry not only applies to teams but to programs as well, with Team Chemistry being the most popular of all Chemistry items one can obtain in Ultimate Team. Some of the most common Chemistry items are:

  • Team Chemistry
  • Team Captains
  • Season Motivators

How to Check Chemistry Thresholds in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team?

To check your Chemistry thresholds in your lineup, you need to log into Madden Ultimate Team and select My Team. In My Team, select Lineup. Scroll all the way to the right until the end and open the Lineup Tools menu.

There you will see options to generate the best lineup, change your active lineup, see who your active superstars are, and see what Chemistry thresholds are available. The Chemistry tab will be last on the list. Players will then have to select a Chemistry item for player items who have played for multiple NFL teams. The more teams, the better the fit.

Check Chemistry in Lineup in Madden Ultimate Team (Screenshot by Prima Games)

To use a Chemistry item, you’ll need Training Points, and you will need to log into the upgrades screen by pressing the square button. When you are in upgrades, scroll down to the Chemistry and Positions tab. You’ll see the first slot open, or you’ll see it locked. If it is locked, you’ll need to first unlock the item by purchasing tier upgrades.

Change Chemistry in Madden 24 Ultimate Team Lineup (Screenshot by Prima Games)

If unlocked, click on the unlocked slot and then select which Chemistry item you want to use on the player. After you’ve completed the process, the Chemistry item will be in play. Use Chemistry to your advantage and get the best out of your team. If you haven’t earned enough Training Points to carry out any upgrades in Madden 24 Ultimate Team, you can read How to Earn Training Points in Ultimate Team and learn how to earn some.

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