Madden NFL 24: All Quick Sell Values in Ultimate Team Listed

Know what your cards are worth and get the best value for quick sales.

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Different player items hold different values in Madden NFL 24 Ultimate Team. On top of this, the type of card that you possess will determine whether you are trading player cards for Training Points or Ultimate Team Coins. In this post, I’ll be listing all the values when exchanging player cards for Training Points or Ultimate Team Coins. Trade wisely, and you can have plenty of upgrades to take on all MUT challenges with ease.

All Madden 24 Ultimate Team Quick Sell Values

The first listing is the value of Platinum Player Cards. These cards can only be sold for MUT coins. The listing is as follows: 

Trade in Value for Madden Ultimate Coins

RatingTrade in Value
78 OVR6,000 Ultimate Team Coins
79 OVR9,000 Ultimate Team Coins
80 OVR 14,000 Ultimate Team Coins
81 OVR14,000 Ultimate Team Coins
82 OVR36,000 Ultimate Team Coins
83 OVR57,000 Ultimate Team Coins
84 OVR 90,000 Ultimate Team Coins
85 OVR143,000 Ultimate Team Coins
86 OVR225,000 Ultimate Team Coins

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The next listing will display all the Trading Point Values for Silver, Gold, and Elite Player Items. Trading Points are important for Headliners, Legends, and other specialty cards in your inventory. The list is as follows:

Trade in Value for Madden Ultimate Coins

RatingTrade in ValueCard Type
68 OVRTraining PointSilver & Gold
70 OVR1 Training PointSilver & Gold Cards
71 OVR2 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
72 OVR3 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
73 OVR4 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
74 OVR 7 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
75 OVR11 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
76 OVR18 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
77 OVR28 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
78 OVR44 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
79 OVR69 Training PointsSilver & Gold Cards
80 OVR110 Training PointsElite Cards
81 OVR170 Training PointsElite Cards
82 OVR270 Training PointsElite Cards
83 OVR430 Training PointsElite Cards
84 OVR680 Training PointsElite Cards
85 OVR1080 Training PointsElite Cards
86 OVR1700 Training PointsElite Cards
87 OVR2700 Training PointsElite Cards

This list should grow over time as the Madden 24 Ultimate Team season progresses and they introduce new cards with higher values. Hopefully, there will be some insane new introductions to Madden Ultimate Team during the season. 

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