Madden NFL 24: How to Earn Training Points in Ultimate Team

Training Points are valuable assets to improve your team.

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In Madden NFL 24, it’s not just about what you do on the field, but also what you do behind the scenes. Besides team selections, upgrades and other team management changes are vital to how your team performs. One way you can upgrade your team and player items in Ultimate Team (UT) is to collect Training Points. In this post, I’ll be guiding players through the process of how to earn Training Points, so that they can upgrade their personnel in their starting lineup. 

How to Earn Training Points in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

There are multiple ways to earn Training Points in Madden NFL 24. You can earn points by completing quick sells, playing and winning matches, and purchasing player items.

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Quick Sell Player Items in Ultimate Team

Players should start by selling player items that will never be selected in the starting lineup. These are normally items with the lowest overall stats. Players should also quick sell duplicated items. The Training Points you receive from a quick sale vary depending on the player item, with the lowest being one Training Point.

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To continue the cycle, players must complete Ultimate Team challenges. After completing a number of challenges and receiving a certain number of stars while leveling up, players will receive better-rated player items and can therefore continue to quick sell player items that are being demoted to the bench. 

Quick Sell Players to Earn Training Points (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Playing Matches in Madden 24 Ultimate Team

The other method is to Play Matches in certain Ultimate Team game modes. But there are no guarantees that players will receive Training Points after a victory; therefore, quick sell is the best method to farm Training Points.

Visit the Marketplace & Purchase Player Items to Quick Sell

A method that takes a lot of work but is worth the reward is to visit the Marketplace and purchase players with your Ultimate Team Coins. You can then go and quick sell these players. The chances of getting a highly-rated player in a position where you’re stacked with talent are high, and you could see yourself gaining many training points with this method.

Buy Fantasy Packs to Earn Players in Marketplace (Screenshot by Prima Games)

There you have different ways to earn some training points for coins and upgrade the player items in your starting lineup. For more Ultimate Team tips, you can read: Madden NFL 24: All Headliner Objectives & Rewards

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