Madden NFL 24: How to Perform a Lateral Pass

Add another play to your arsenal and be unstoppable when charging down the field.

lateral passing in Madden 24
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Knowing how to pull off more than one play in Madden NFL 24 separates the Rookies from the All-Madden players. When in possession of the ball, things don’t always go as planned, and having a plan B or C is a great way to get out of a tight spot. One play that’s effective in high-pressure situations is a lateral pass. In this post, I’ll be helping Madden players pull off a lateral pass in case a passing lane in front of them closes or the handoff to the Running Back doesn’t gain any yards.

How to Perform a Lateral Pass in Madden NFL 24

To perform a lateral pass in Madden 24, the player with the ball must be in front of his offensive line and the line of scrimmage. When in front of the line, press L1 if you’re using a PlayStation 5 (LB on an Xbox).

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You’ll notice that you can direct the pass with the left analog stick if the player behind you is not directly behind you or if there is more than one player who can receive the ball from you. If you don’t see any player close by to complete the pass, don’t stress; the actual throw is quite hard, depending on the distance between the player throwing the ball and the one receiving it. So it should cover the distance.

lateral passing example in madden 24
How to Perform a Lateral Pass in Madden NFL 24 (Screenshot via Prima Games)

Why You Shouldn’t Use Lateral Passes In Madden NFL 24 Often

You shouldn’t use the lateral pass too often in Madden 24. With the line of scrimmage in chaos following the snap, you could have opposition defenders standing in the path of the pass. A lousy pass could lead to a fumble or an interception.

If there’s nobody behind you to receive the lateral pass, the player intercepting it could be in a position to score a touchdown. Try not to use a lateral pass close to your own goal line. Don’t use it anywhere inside your 30- to 40-yard line.

The best time to use this makeshift play is if there are no options in front of you, and the player receiving the ball can gain yardage or at least get in front of the line of scrimmage again. For more on Madden NFL 24, you can read: Madden NFL 24: Best Settings for Beginners

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