Lords of the Fallen: Multiplayer, Co-Op, and PvP Explained

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Lords of the Fallen has an interesting take on the usual Soulslike mechanics with the addition of things like the Umbral realm and many other unique assets. One of them is how multiplayer is implemented here, which is quite different from most games of the genre. Instead of simple invasions or being able to leave messages for others, there’s much more stuff to play around with in multiplayer in this game. Let’s break these down one at a time.

All Multiplayer Modes in Lords of the Fallen Explained

Multiplayer is active by default, but you can change it anytime by going into Settings > Multiplayer and setting “Online” to Yes or No. You can enter in and out of Multiplayer in this game through the Vestiges checkpoints scattered around the map. There are four options available, those being:

  • Beckon lampbearer (ask for other player’s help).
  • Beckon Friend (invite your friends to your world).
  • Accompany lampbearer (offer your help to those who chose the first option).
  • Slaughter lampbearer (invade a stranger’s world).

How Co-Op Multiplayer Works in Lords of the Fallen

Choosing any of the first three options will let you enjoy Lords of the Fallen as a fully multiplayer experience. Unlike Elden Ring where it only lasted until you beat a boss, you can explore and farm enemies together with a friend or stranger anytime you want with no restrictions. Your own game won’t progress while doing so, but you get some rewards like extra Vigor from defeated enemies.

It’s also quite easy to invite your friends to the game, so you can easily make a complete duo playthrough. Remember that only one game would be considered “completed” if you choose to do so, and the helper wouldn’t get any achievements/trophies either. This is perfect if you really want to go through the game but are struggling with the genre. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

PvP/Invasion in Lords of the Fallen

Invasion might be a familiar thing to you if you’ve played other Souls games before. You can invade another player’s world and slay them to get a part of their Vigor and other rewards, or you might be the one being invaded instead. If someone tries to attack you, fend them off quickly before they can finish you off and win their Vigor instead.

Since this is literally an invasion, it could happen at any time without warning. This can be avoided by simply turning multiplayer off to be safe. You can turn it back on if you need help with a certain part or boss. It becomes a 2v1 if someone still tries to invade you, so the stakes are on your side in those cases.

Aside from casually having fun killing unprepared strangers, PvP can be quite fun and becomes an extra feature for your gameplay if you’re looking for even more action. Turning it on or off is your choice, so be ready for any results. There are plenty of people to play with, especially if you’re playing on PC.

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