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You don’t need to go through your whole Lord of the Fallen playthrough alone as multiplayer is a neatly introduced feature in this game, but is there some kind of limit to how many different people you can play with? Are you locked to your PC buddies if you’re playing on this platform, or can you welcome your fellow console players into your world too? Here’s the answer to whether Lords of the Fallen features crossplay or not.

Is There Crossplay in Lords of the Fallen?

Crossplay is indeed available in Lords of the Fallen but in a very peculiar way for console users. While PC players can get along with anyone on consoles, console players cannot play with those on a different console from theirs. Basically, Xbox players cannot interact with PlayStation players and vice versa, but both consoles can freely help (or invade) PC users’ worlds.

This is somewhat restricting but not that uncommon to happen. Microsoft and Sony are competitors, after all, so it only makes sense that they won’t come to terms with bringing a unified server for every single game out there. Sadly, it wasn’t the case for Lords of the Fallen, so your overall player base is slightly more limited if you’re not on PC.

But this shouldn’t be a huge problem in the end, as there should be enough people on all platforms to accompany you in your journey if you ever need it. And in the worst case, a lower player base means fewer people invading you for your loot, so does that also count as a win? Not exactly, but at least there’s something good to take out of that. But don’t worry, there are always some kind souls around in PC that will surely help you when needed.

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