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If you’re tired of being kicked back into Umbral with every little mistake you make, it might be time to get some help in Lords of the Fallen. Most games of the genre have some multiplayer interaction, but is the same true for Hexworks’ latest title too? Or will you have to make yourself content with the occasional beckon to an NPC companion if you want to conquer a demanding boss?

Is There Multiplayer in Lords of the Fallen?

Fortunately, you can play Lords of the Fallen alongside your friends or even complete strangers if you want to. Multiplayer is always enabled by default from the moment you reach your first checkpoint, and you’re the one who decides if you’re giving it a shot or keep walking on your own lone wolf path. There’s no cost to it, and you can do it for both boss fights and regular exploration.

While visiting any of the game’s Vestiges, you can select the Multiplayer option to pick any of the cooperative modes. As stated in a QA for the game, you can invite strangers to help you, beckon your friends, offer your help to others, or even invade them for some PvP action.

If you choose to get some help yourself, your fellow lamp bearer will traverse your world, and you can fend off the abominations together indefinitely. Or at least until one of you gets tired of it. In the same vein, you might get invaded by an unknown player at any time if you have Multiplayer enabled on the menu. But you can turn that off whenever you feel like avoiding unexpected raiders.

This is ideal for getting past a difficult section or just beating that pesky boss, you’ve been struggling for a while. The helper gets some Vigor for himself for his trouble. And if you decide to invade someone else and manage to kill the world’s host, you also get a portion of his Vigor as a reward.

While multiplayer is great for advancing through the game, it might be better to turn it off sometimes to avoid even more trouble. Getting walled by a Boss is an issue by itself, and being annoyed by other players from different platforms just brings this to another level.

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