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Is Lords of the Fallen Open World? Answered

How big is the world before you?

Venturing throughout the war-torn lands in a game is always an exciting feeling, but sometimes, a more intimately crafted experience can get our blood pumping just the same. As fans flock to the world of Lords of the Fallen, they may be wondering if they’re in for a game that is looking to challenge Elden Ring on scope and scale, or one that is hoping to challenge the Dark Souls series for its crown. Let’s strap on our armor and prepare ourselves for the battle for our lives when we dive into the world of Axiom in this reboot of the LotF franchise.

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Is Lords of the Fallen Linear or Open World?

If you’re hoping to explore a massive world set forth before you, then Lords of the Fallen may not be the game for you. It’s looking to create a new groove in the Souls-like genre with its blend of magic and combat, all while sticking to a more linear path. However, it has been described as a Semi-Open world, so players can forge their own paths as they take on enemies in a familiar combat style.

While you may be disappointed to know this isn’t another game where you can go anywhere and do anything, you’ll still have enough freedom to explore and make the world before your character bow to you and worship your skills. From weighty combat to enemy designs that will embed the fear of the Gods into your soul, you’re in for a wild ride with this one.

Get ready to see what Lords of the Fallen can offer you by checking out our section below. Get ready to play with your friends, see what mysteries await you in this new adventure, and find out if you’re tough enough to survive what gets thrown your way.

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