If you're out trying to get your hands on some items to soup up your team in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you're definitely not alone. We may have mentioned that a Flame Orb might be a worthy pick-up for those cracking into the end game, but that's not the only Orb kicking around out there that is a good investment of your time. Here's our Life Orb Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide if you're curious about how to get this one.

Life Orb Pokemon Sword and Shield Location Guide

So, maybe you like gambling a little with your life or you like taking risks to win. Not sure what we're talking about? Well, here's the lowdown on the Life Orb when it comes to Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

The Life Orb is an item that you can give to one of your Pokemon. If your chosen critter is holding it, it will make it hit harder but at the cost of some of its HP every time this happens. Specifically, a Life Orb buffs your Physical and Special attacks so just keep that in mind while you're trying to allocate who gets what in your team. 

Now, to the fun part of actually finding a Life Orb. You're only going to be able to access this item really late in the game. We're actually talking about the second time that you stumble upon the hiding place of the Legendary Galarian sword and shield doggos. The second time that you happen across the Slumbering Weald, you'll be able to pick up a Life Orb. Head towards the river and use your cool new cycle-on-water ability thanks to the Rotom Bike extension and follow the river until you see a ramp that you can take. Cycle up here to find a Life Orb. 

Now that you've got our Life Orb Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide, you should be able to get one for yourself and to turn one lucky Pokemon into a double-edged, uh, sword? If you need a hand with anything else as you adventure around the Galar region, check out these other tips and tricks that we've put together for you: