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While making certain choices during Lies of P, you might see the message “Your springs are reacting” randomly popping up on the screen. It might seem confusing at first, especially since it appears repeatedly throughout the whole game. But this is usually a good sign, and we’ll now tell you why.

Lies of P “Your Springs Are Reacting” Message Explained

Getting the “Your springs are reacting” message in the game means that you have successfully lied in the previous choice, and you’re now leaning toward humanity. This is still a Pinocchio tale, as twisted as it is. And with all of his lies, P can eventually become a real boy as long as you keep walking in this path.

One of the earliest examples is in the Weeping Woman mini-quest, where you can deliver her the Baby Puppet. If you choose to agree with her and say that it’s a cute baby, your springs will react, and the message will pop up. The same will happen if you listen to the record she gives you in the Hotel, as these also increase your humanity.

Lies of P Springs Are Reacting Message popping up
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Various options in the game will increase your humanity, which is a hidden value from the player. You can only tell how human you are based on the messages, which are:

  • Your springs are reacting (beginning of the game).
  • You feel warmth (usually attained around Chapter V).
  • Your heart is pounding (maximum level of humanity).

Even if you got the best message, you should still pursue lying if you want to keep walking in this specific path. Humanity affects how certain NPCs treat you and determines which end you can get. You need maximum humanity (read as lying as much as you can) to get the game’s true ending.

There are various other rewards you can only claim while lying, so it might be a good option to keep on the real boy path during your playthrough. And most importantly, you’ll get to pet the cat, which is more than worth the lies.

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