Can You Pet the Cat in Lies of P? – Answered

Even puppets have a soft side for these little guys

Petting the Cat in Lies of P

With all of the dogs in this game being murderous menaces ready to rip your limbs off at first sight, let’s give some attention to the second petting option: cats. In Lies of P, there’s a cute orange cat living in Hotel Krat named Spring, and the player might be interested in interacting with it. But can you?

Can You Pet the Cat in Lies of P?

Yes, you can pet the cat in Lies of P! While this small goofball is suspicious of you at first, it will slowly open itself to you and let you give some well-deserved pats. All you gotta do is become a real boy, and cats suddenly start loving you! 

Spring is found in various locations around Hotel Krat throughout the whole game. He’s usually next to Eugenie in his bed, but he might sometimes be found in the corridors upstairs or in Geppetto’s office. Sometimes, he’s just hiding on the first floor next to where you can find Antonia. 

Regardless of where you find it, Spring will initially be wary of you and won’t even let you touch it. But the more you progress through the game, he will eventually let you touch it, to the point where it even demands you to pet it! That’s what I call making a real cat in a game.

He only gets closer to you if you keep choosing to lie (in other words, gain more humanity) and listen to the records in the Hotel. If you tell the truth and avoid lying when possible, Spring won’t be as close to you. He usually starts opening up around Chapter V.

Holding the chubby cat in Lies of P
Screenshot by Prima Games

When you get as human as one can be, you unlock the ultimate cat person perk: grabbing Spring and having a good look at his chubby belly. If a cat does that, he definitely loves you! You can only do it once you start seeing the “Your heart is pounding” messages after making a decision, indicating your high levels of humanity.

Unfortunately, getting some good cat pics is harder than it should be in this game, but this little guy will always be around for us to gaze at him. And fortunately, we can pet him as much as we want.

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