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We play as a reimagined version of Pinocchio in Lies of P, and he just happens to be the only puppet who can lie in the whole game. This indicates him being able to become a real boy just like in the original fairy tales. But something is missing… where is the big nose?! Does your nose start growing after telling a few lies here and there in Lies of P?

Spoiler Alert!

This article contains some spoilers for Chapters V, VI, and XI of the game. Read at your own risk!

Does Your Nose Grow in Lies of P?

A nose grows whenever you tell lies, but it isn’t the one you imagine. Hey, I’m being serious here! Your character’s nose will stay the same throughout the whole course of the game, but the portrait’s nose in Hotel Krat will grow the more you keep telling lies.

You can get the Portrait of a Boy in a room inside the house that opens after beating Chapter V’s boss (Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood). If you haven’t collected it when you first visited here, go back to the Malum District Town Hall and enter the house in front of the Stargazer. Enter the first room to your left (next to the stairs) and you’ll see the portrait.

Lies of P Nose Grows Portrait
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Bring it to Geppetto back in Hotel Krat and he’ll hang it next to his office’s entrance. Nothing special happens at first, but you’ll start to see some changes after beating Chapter VI’s boss.

Once you start changing physically, you will also notice that the portrait now has a growing nose. That’s it. That’s the growing nose in the game! It’s technically still Pinocchio’s nose since the player’s character can be considered a representation of the Boy. You’ll understand more about that later in the game.

The nose will keep growing as long as you keep telling lies. It will stop in its tracks if you start being too honest at a point.

What Does the Portrait Growing Nose Do?

At one point the nose will grow so big that it could almost kill someone. And later it can. After making a certain decision regarding Sophia in Chapter XI (you’ll know which one it is once you get to it), go back to the Hotel and interact with the growing-and-now-glowing nose. You’ll remove the nose and it will become the Golden Lie weapon.

Lies of P Nose Grows Golden Lie
Screenshot by Prima Games

This is a unique staff-like weapon that makes up for its lack of attack by being extremely fast. It can be a fun weapon to finish the game if you’re tired of the same old things in your arsenal. Obtaining it also unlocks the way to the game’s true ending. Notice that you can only “harvest” your lies if you obey Sophia’s wish in Chapter XI.

If you feel like you’re not suited for using that weapon, you can always respec to get more fitting stats. 

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