Kinu Temtem – Everything You Need to Know

Check out everything you need to know about the rare Temtem of Kinu.

Temtem is a creature collecting MMO game that is ready to deliver a Pokemon-like experience that has never been seen before. There is a wide variety of unique characters that make up the world of Temtem, which are made up of different types and represent animals, plants, mythical creatures, and objects. Players can catch and battle their various characters against others in what is the most popular sport in this MMO world. One of these creatures is known as Kinu, and we have everything you need to know about Kinu covered for you.

Kinu Temtem

Players will find that Kinu is a Nature and Mental-type creature who is one of the rarest in the game’s world. These creatures are so unique that many of the title’s inhabitants believe they are only stuff of legend. According to the official description of the character, “The elusive Kinu are some of the rarest Nature Temtem in the Myrisles – to the point that some tamers think they’re a mere legend. When they do show up, Omninesians treat them with the respect reserved for the guardian spirits of the Banyan.”

You can see how this particular character looks in the image below:

 Kinu Temtem

(photo courtesy of Gamepedia)

Individuals who have one of these Nature and Mental-type characters on their team will be able to teach it a variety of techniques through leveling, technique courses, and breeding. You can find all of the techniques that can be acquired and used by this rare character below:


  • Scratch
  • Sharp Leaf
  • Hypnosis
  • Intimidation
  • Revitalize
  • Beta Burst
  • Gaia
  • Lifeful Sap
  • Sacrifice

Technique Courses

  • Stone Wall
  • Turbo Choreography
  • Wake Up
  • Misogi


  • Lullaby

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