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Kingdom Come Deliverance – Mysterious Ways Quest Guide

by Bryan Dawson

One of the main quests you’ll encounter in Kingdom Come Deliverance is the Mysterious Ways quest. We’ve had quite a few people asking how to complete this quest, so we’re here to help you out. This article covers how to complete the Kingdom Come Deliverance Mysterious Ways quest so you can continue with the main quest line in the game. There are multiple ways you can complete the Mysterious Ways quest, so how you choose to complete it is up to you.

Mysterious Ways Quest

The Mysterious Ways quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance begins after you complete the Ginger in a Pickle quest. Your first task is to find Limpy Lubosh in Uzhitz. Head to the tavern and speak with people there until you’re directed toward Limpy’s residence. You’ll have to choose if you want to go alone to his house, or follow along with a mob of people.

Once you arrive at Limpy’s house, you’ll notice there are already a mob of people just outside. Speak with the bailiff near the door, then head inside the house to find Limpy has been killed. The bailiff will point you in the direction of Godwin, the town priest. Shockingly, he can be found in the church. Head over to the holy building and speak with Godwin who will eventually ask you to meet him at the tavern.

When you reach the tavern speak with Godwin again. The point of this conversation is to earn his trust, which means you need to answer all of his questions truthfully. Toward the end of the conversation you can choose between two different dialogue paths. If you tell Godwin it’s a good plan, you’ll stay and continue to drink and eventually hook up with a bar wench. If you instead tell him you’re not in the mood to drink you won’t be able to use the priest for information during this quest.

Don’t Drink

If you decide not to drink with the priest, you’ll need to find the bailiff. He’s wearing a red head piece, which makes him easy to spot if you’re looking for him. During the day you can usually find him around the scribe’s house, but he does wander a bit, so don’t rely on him always being there. When you do find him he’ll point you in the direction of the scribe in Rattay. You’ll find him on the floor just above where the armorsmith is located.

Speak with the scribe and you’ll be tasked with finding some Embrocation. You can pick this up at the apothecary for 40 Groschen. Take it back to the scribe and he’ll take you to the Rattay Black Chronicle. Read through it to complete the quest!

Stay and Drink

Drinking with the priest results in a wild night, but in the morning the priest will ask you to perform the sermon for him. Stick close to the priest as he walks to the church and don’t let him get too far ahead of you (if you do the quest will fail). Once it’s time for you to perform the sermon just follow the dialogue order below:

  • Begin the sermon confidently.
  • We are commanded to reject dissolute priests.
  • Continue harshly.
  • To sin is human.
  • Continue harshly.
  • Try some quote to conclude.

Follow the dialogue correctly to complete the quest and move on to the next main quest, On the Scent. You can find more advice and strategies in our Kingdom Come Deliverance game hub!

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