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Is Warzone 2.0 Down? – How to Check Warzone 2.0 Server Status

Are the servers for war currently down?

by Shawn Robinson
Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 Driving

For Call of Duty fans, two things have proven immensely exciting in 2022. The first is, obviously, Modern Warfare 2 and the return of the game’s standout multiplayer. The other is Warzone 2.0, the supposed evolution of battle royale Warzone alongside the release of the new DMZ mode. Needless to say, fans of the original Warzone have been excited, though it seems some are naturally finding trouble getting into the game for launch day. Here’s whether Warzone 2.0 is currently down, as well as how to check the server status for the game.

Is Warzone 2.0 Unplayable Right Now?

As of right now, the servers for Warzone 2.0 are not down and are functioning as normal. With that said, the game is still rolling out across the globe, and naturally won’t be available to just everyone yet. If the game were available to everyone the minute it dropped, chances are the servers would get completely hammered and would crash. Instead, you should keep trying over the coming hours as the game’s servers load up. It’s also possible the servers run into issues today, as game launches tend to be famous for.

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As for how you can check the server status of Warzone 2.0, there are a few ways you can go about it. The first way, which isn’t available yet but will be soon, is to head over to the official Activision Support site. Generally, the online status will be listed above the Warzone 2.0 name. If it has a green checkmark, that means the Online Status is good to go and it likely isn’t their end. Another way you can go about it is by checking the official Twitter accounts for the game and Activision Support. If the game is down, chances are they’ll say something there. The last way to check is simply to look up Warzone 2.0 on social media. One surefire way to know is if a lot of people are complaining about it too, and places like Twitter are the first place most go to complain.