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The chaotic party royale, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, has gone free-to-play and recently introduced Season One on June 21 of this year. With many new obstacles to hop, skip, and tumble over and team modes to reach the top with your friends in, you may be wondering if there’s any way to convey your woes to your fellow contestants. After all, there’s no “I” in “team”, right? So, is there game chat in Fall Guys? Read on to find out.

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Can You Hear Me Now? Good.

As far as in-game text chat, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout does not include it. Would you really have time to stop and type something, though? You’ve got ramps to scale and holes to fall in! However, there are other ways available to get your point across.

Voice Chat

Party voice chat has been introduced and can be enabled through the Settings menu.

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  • Open the Settings menu from the main menu.
  • Select Audio from the list.
  • Scroll down to Party Voice Chat and turn it on.
  • Click ‘Enable Voice Chat’ from the pop-up window that appears, and check the box next to ‘Don’t show this dialogue again’ so that your settings are saved.

Now, you’ll be able to communicate with those in your immediate party in-game. With the amount of players in one lobby at once, maybe it’s a blessing that voice chat is limited to those few in your party.


If you’re more of the silent type, Emotes are another way to send a message to the other players. Whether a simple ‘Hello’ to a friend, a celebratory dance on the finish line, or a ‘Dab’ after throwing your foes off the ledge, there are tons of ways to mime something personal to your competition. Use the 1-4 keys on PC, or your D-pad on console to gesture your way to the crown.

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Though there’s no in-game text chat, Fall Guys still has a couple options for communication. Jump into the action for free and download Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on the platform of your choice.

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