Is THE FINALS Free to Play? – Answered

What will it cost for you to cash out?

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The Finals has been drumming up a lot of interest as a new FPS title, but is it free to play? We have the answer, and more information about The Finals, below.

Is The Finals Free to Play?

Yes, The Finals is free to play. It is currently in open beta, with no confirmed release date, but The Finals is currently planned to be free to play once it is fully released for PC (on Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Will The Finals Have Microtransactions?

In this day and age, it seems almost guaranteed that The Finals will have some kind of microtransactions as long as the game remains free to play. However, there is currently no information about what kind of microtransactions The Finals will have when it officially launches. It’s a safe guess that emotes and skins will be included in microtransactions, although nothing is confirmed as of now.

What is The Finals?

The Finals is a first-person shooter competitive PvP game with an emphasis on fast-paced competition and destroyable environments, meant to influence the ways players approach each game. The premise of The Finals is that players are participating in a game show, with everyone battling in front of an audience. To win rounds, players must complete objectives and “cash out” the most money.

The Finals is developed by Embark Studios, which was founded by Johan Andersson, Jenny Huldschiner, Magnus Nordin, Rob Runesson, Patrick Söderlund, and Stefan Strandberg in 2018. The Finals and Arc Raiders are Embark Studios’s first titles.

The Finals is currently in a 10-day period of open beta. It’s planned for full release sometime in 2023, although no release date has currently been confirmed.

If you’re interested in trying The Finals out for yourself, check out our guide on how to check The Finals’s open beta server status.

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