How to Check The Finals Open Beta Server Status

The show's still up. Or is it?

The Finals Server Status Featured

First-person shooter The Finals has been a nice surprise with a successful Open Beta release, leaving servers in a heavily congested state due to an unexpected influx of. Although the game’s already in a way better state than before, servers might still be facing some occasional issues, and here’s how you can check that.

How to Check THE FINALS Server Status

The best way to check The Finals’ server status is by checking their official X (formerly Twitter) account. Any possible trouble the game could be facing will be listed here immediately, so take a look at it if you’ve faced any connection issues lately. It might not be just you, and there’s no need to trouble yourself if it’s a server-wide thing.

The official Discord servers will also do the trick with even more instantaneous updates, as they’re more likely to be posted in it before they actually hit the No-longer-a-bird app. You also get to see other players’ experiences and ask them if they’re currently facing the same connection errors as you are.

There are currently no known third-party tools constantly monitoring The Finals’ server status, so you’ll have to rely solely on these official sources to confirm any possible issues for the game. This might be different when the game finally gets its full release, but it’ll depend on many different factors such as its possible growing popularity.

The free-to-play battle arena shooter game is currently going through its Open Beta period, with no official release date announced just yet. Borrowing elements from other similar battle-royale/arena shooter games like Fortnite or Overwatch, The Finals adds its own special twist by being a televisioned live show. The Beta should still be open for a few more days, so take this chance if you want to try.

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