Is Remnant 2 Playable on Steam Deck? – Answered

Taking your rage-inducing battles on the go?

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Remnant 2 will soon be available on every current major platform you can think of, perhaps excluding the Nintendo Switch. Whether you’re team green, team blue, or team…mouse and keyboard, you can jump into the sequel and enjoy whatever soulslike slaughter you’re hoping to find. If you’re on the PC side of things, you may be wondering if you can take the game on the go and yell at a much smaller screen in public, instead of in the quiet of your own room. Here’s whether Remnant 2 is playable on the Steam Deck.

Can You Play Remnant 2 on a Steam Deck?

At the time of writing, neither Valve nor Gunfire Games have confirmed or denied the playability of Remnant 2 on the Steam Deck. If you head to the Steam page for Remnant 2, you won’t find any sort of badge like other Steam games that indicates Remnant 2 is good to go on the handheld. The social media sites for Remnant 2 also have said absolutely nothing on that front. Once we know more about a definitive answer, we’ll be sure to post it here.

Will Remnant 2 Ever Be Playable on a Steam Deck?

As for if Remnant 2 will ever be playable on a Steam Deck at all, the chance is actually quite likely. The Steam page for the first game, Remnant: From the Ashes, lists the game as Verified for the Steam Deck. This means that no major issues that would impede gameplay are there, with controls, screen text, and framerate all still offering a good experience. If this is the case with that entry, then they could easily do the same again here.

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Now, if it does come to the Steam Deck, there’s something you should keep in mind. If you have the 64GB version of the Deck and don’t have any sort of storage expansion, it will be impossible to download Remnant 2. You need 80 GB of available space, so without the extra space, you’ll need to go another route.

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