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Remnant 2 Coop Battle
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Remnant 2 is set to debut on July 25, with Ultimate Edition owners getting to play early on July 22. That still leaves nearly two weeks for Standard/Deluxe Edition owners to decide if they want to get the game early, and just over a week for Ultimate Edition players. If you’re planning to get the game in one of these editions anyways, then you might be considering a pre-order for some extra bonuses. Here is everything you get for pre-ordering Remnant 2.

What Do I Get for Pre-Ordering Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Gunslinger
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The pre-order bonus you earn is the same no matter what edition you get, or which of the three platforms you purchase Remnant 2 on. No matter which, you’ll get yourself early access to the Gunslinger archetype, one of the many classes you can choose in Remnant 2. This is an archetype that you can earn later on in the game, though this bonus will let you choose the archetype immediately.

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As the name aptly implies, the Gunslinger is an expert in ranged warfare. All of its bonuses are centered around improving your handling of weapons, along with its abilities complementing it nicely. It’s about as close to a cowboy as you’re going to get in Remnant 2. The outfit likely said that for you though.

Should I Pre-Order Remnant 2?

Whether you should pre-order Remnant 2 is going to come down solely to how much you trust the product to be great. If you felt like the first Remnant game was great and was well worth the money you paid for it (or didn’t pay for it if you got a free promotion), then you might find it worthwhile to pre-order. You’ll also want to make sure that’s the archetype you want to start with as if you don’t start with it, you’ll be almost nullifying the pre-order bonus (except for when playing a new character.)

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