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Is Remnant 2 Coming to Game Pass? – Answered

Should you pass on checking the service on day one?

Remnant 2 is right around the corner, set to launch on July 22 for Ultimate Edition owners, and July 25 for Standard and Deluxe Edition owners. At launch, it’ll be available for anyone on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S to play, provided you’re willing to fork over the cash at least. One way gamers tend to save that kind of money is by playing games off Xbox Game Pass, whether that be through PC, Xbox, or over the cloud. With that, you might be wondering if the game is making its way to the subscription service. Here’s whether Remnant 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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Will Remnant 2 Be On Game Pass at Launch?

While we hate to be the bearers of bad news, no, Remnant 2 will not be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch. Gunfire Games and publisher Gearbox Publishing have not given any indication it’ll be available on the service, so you shouldn’t expect to launch your Xbox or PC on Day One and see it immediately available. With that being said, that doesn’t confirm that the game won’t ever come to the service.

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If you weren’t aware, the first game Remnant: From the Ashes was available on Xbox Game Pass for a good while. In May of 2022, it was taken off the service, though that’s likely due to the end of a contract with the service more than anything else. This existing relationship with Game Pass means it’s possible they could repeat the same after the game has been available for a while. Take that with a grain of salt though as, again, no developer or publisher news has said as such.

Is There Any Way to Get Remnant 2 for Cheap at Launch?

If you’re still hungering to play Remnant 2 but want it cheaper than its retail price, there are very limited options on that front. Some other storefronts like Green Man Gaming or Fanatical may offer the game for slightly cheaper through specific promotions, though as of writing, there are no bonuses you can snag. If you’re subscribed to Humble Choice already, you can get the game for a couple of bucks cheaper on the Humble Store depending on the edition you snag. That isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing. Other than that, there’s nothing to the level of savings of services like Game Pass.

If you’re curious as to which edition you should snag, check out our guide on everything included in the Ultimate Edition of Remnant 2.

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