Will Remnant 2 Be Available on PS4 and Xbox One? – Answered

Can those poor old consoles handle it?

Remnant 2 Boss Fight
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Remnant 2 is right around the corner, ready to thrust us back into its ranged soulslike slaughter-fest. The Root has once again taken hold, meaning you’re likely to find all sorts of horrors as you explore Remnant’s densely packed world. When it launches, it’ll be playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, though with nothing regarding its launch on last-gen consoles. Here’s whether Remnant 2 will be available for PS4 and Xbox One users.

Is Remnant 2 Going to Launch on PS4 and Xbox One?

While we can’t give a definitive no as the developers at Gunfire Games haven’t said that, the chances of Remnant 2 releasing on last-gen consoles are slim to none. We’re at that point in the current-gen lifecycle where last-gen consoles will have to be left behind to make for bigger and better games. If the team were to bring Remnant 2 to last-gen, some serious concessions would have to be made, not just in terms of visual fidelity but likely gameplay as well. Again, this isn’t to say that it’ll never release on those platforms. You just shouldn’t sit there eagerly waiting for it.

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Will Remnant 2 Release on Any Other Platforms?

As for if Remnant 2 could release on other platforms, the answer to that question is a little more ambiguous. The Nintendo Switch, for example, is a very likely no since a current-gen game would probably cook the system. With rumors afoot for Nintendo releasing a successor to the Switch, though, there’s a decent chance we’ll see the game launch on that upcoming platform instead. As for phones, unless you’re playing through some sort of cloud service, that would pretty much never happen.

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