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Is Noivern Good in Pokemon GO – Answered

You just got him, but is he good?

by Daphne Fama

If you played Pokemon GO on February 5, 2023, you were likely drowning in adorable purple bats. It’s been a good day, is what I’m saying. But is it worth getting the 400 candies to evolve it? Is Noivern any good in Pokemon GO?

Is Noivern Good in Pokemon GO – Answered

Noibat and its evolved form, Noivern, look cool. But how does the Flying-Dragon Type Noivern perform when you actually throw it into a battle against other trainers? The answer is… okay.

Noivern isn’t a terrible Pokemon by any means, and it performs pretty well in the Great Leagues and slightly better in the Ultra Leagues. It’s a Pokemon with great defense, but it’s unfortunately slow and susceptible to many weaknesses. It’s essentially a less good Altaria.

Noivern is also capable of taking down key Pokemon like Buzzwole, Virizion, Scrafty, and Escavalier. But you’ll want to keep it far away from Cresselia, Talonflame, Trevenant, and Swampert. That’s because Noivern has some significant weaknesses. They are:

  • Ice (x4)
  • Rock (x2)
  • Dragon (x2)
  • Fairy (x2)

But it’s capable of resisting the following:

  • Fire (x.5)
  • Water (x.5)
  • Grass (x.25)
  • Ground (x0)
  • Bug (x.5)

Which isn’t awful! What’s so unfortunate about these sets of weaknesses and resistances is that Noivern is very weak to Fairy, Dragon, and Ice. And it’s very likely that Noivern will encounter those moves with the current state of the meta in both Great and Ultra League.

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But if you’re determined to make it work, it’s best moves are:

Fast Move: Air Slash

Charged Moves: Hurricane or Psychic

Yes, sadly, Boomburst isn’t the ideal move for Noivern. And it’s a shame, because Noivern is so close to being a fantastic Pokemon for your team. But if you’re trying to make it work, here is the best Pokemon to pair with your giant bat:

  • Registeel
  • Pidgeot
  • Dubwool
  • Cobalion
  • Swampert

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