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Is MultiVersus Down? How to Check Multiversus Server Status

Are the servers down? Who's to say!

by Jesse Vitelli

The WB platform fighter MultiVersus smashes together a bunch of weird and obscure Warner Brothers properties into a game you can play with friends, family, and your greatest enemies. It features all sorts of modes and different gameplay options, but since it’s primarily an online game, you’re in trouble if the servers go down. Here’s how to check the MultiVersus’ server status.

Is MultiVersus Down? How to Check MultiVersus Server Status

As it currently stands, the best way to obtain new information about the server status of MultiVersus is to follow the official Twitter account for the game. It often tweets out when the game is experiencing server or online issues. If you’re ever having trouble connecting to the game, it’s the best place to check immediately to determine if the problem is not on your end.

If there is no word on the status of the servers from the Twitter account and you’re experiencing issues, your best course of action is to try closing the application and rebooting it from scratch. Sometimes things get wonky, online games are cobbled together, and it’s a miracle that any game works at all.

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You can also try testing your router if you’re still having issues; just unplug it and wait a bit before plugging it back in to ensure it’s powered down all the ways.

Refresh the Twitter feed if you’re still experiencing an issue because chances are if there is a significant server issue, the MultiVersus team will want to let fans know as soon as possible. Just keep checking!

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to check the MultiVersus server status. We have a fix for you if you’re also experiencing an offline bug with the game.

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