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What is Mature Language in MultiVersus? Mature Language Filter Guide

It's time to hear some interesting voice lines!

by Madison Benson
Multiversus Mature Language

With the official launch for MultiVersus quickly approaching, many have been eager to play to learn more about the game. Whether casually playing with friends or grinding until the very last day, it’s always fun to listen to the in-game characters’ voice lines as they interact. While most are fairly simplistic, there’s a wide range of voice lines currently, including some with mature words! Continue reading this guide to learn how to spice up your game audio by enabling the mature language filter in MultiVersus.

What is Mature Language in MultiVersus?

Since there is no text chat in MultiVersus, this does not affect your player-to-player interactions. Instead, turning on Mature Language allows you to hear mature voice lines from in-game characters. While this isn’t as prevalent now, as more characters join the MultiVersus roster in the future, more dialogue that potentially contains swear words will appear.

Multiversus Mature Language Filter
Image via MultiVersus

To turn on the Mature Language filter in MultiVersus, head into your game settings in the Audio/Language section. Scroll down until you find a Mature Language box. Tick this box to enable mature language and unleash every uncensored voice line the characters have to offer. If you keep this disabled, you will not hear any inappropriate words. Furthermore, as you enable or disable Mature Language, you’ll find a small notice telling you to “ask your parents before turning on.”

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While the Mature Language filter allows characters to swear as much as they please, this does not mean everyone in the game will do so. In contrast, you’ll likely hear very few characters significantly change their dialogue since swearing does not fit their personalities. However, someone like Harley Quinn is well known for her colorful language, so expect some notable changes there.

MultiVersus is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 platforms through the WB website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out the current MultiVersus Voice Actor List and whether MultiVersus has Cross-Play and Cross-Progression.

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