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Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform? – Answered

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform Answered

Minecraft Dungeons is a Minecraft spinoff in which, instead of building, exploring, or surviving, you’ll engage in classic dungeon crawling. It’s a lot of fun to create your hero and go on a Minecraft-style RPG adventure, but it gets much better when you play in co-op mode with other players. Since Minecraft Dungeons was released on a number of systems, the question of cross-play arises.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform?

Initially, Minecraft Dungeons did not offer cross-platform play, but this feature was added later with the update, which is now available on all platforms. To play with players on other platforms, you must upgrade to the most recent version and have a Microsoft Account ready.

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How to Enable Cross-Platform in Minecraft Dungeons

Since you cannot see your friends from other consoles or PCs in your friends list, you need to use a Microsoft account. Creating this is not difficult and you probably already have it created if you use an Xbox or Windows PC.

Below are instructions on how to create a Microsoft account on the Nintendo Switch to play Minecraft Dungeons in cross-play. Note that the steps are more or less identical on PlayStation:

  1. On your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, launch the game.
  2. On the first screen, you’ll see “Sign in for online co-op.” Tap on it or press X to log in.
  3. The dialogue box will pop up asking you to “Sign in with a Microsoft Account.” (If you are using Switch, you need to open this link on your phone or tablet)
  4. Log in to your Microsoft Account or create a new one.
  5. You’ll be asked to enter the code that you got in Minecraft Dungeons.
  6. Now using your Microsoft account, the game will verify and connect. Don’t close the window until it’s done.
  7. When Minecraft Dungeons successfully connects to your Microsoft Account, you will receive a confirmation message. Use the continue button to return to the main screen.
  8. Congratulations! Your Microsoft Account is now connected to the game.

So there you go – the answer is yes, there is a functional Cross-Platform in Minecraft Dungeons, so you can play with all your friends no matter if they are on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC.

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