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Minecraft Dungeons: Where to Find All Rune Locations

by Andrew Smith

After players beat Minecraft Dungeons, they’ll be able to go back through the different levels and find all nine of the hidden rune locations. After players have visited all of the runes, they’ll unlock the mysterious secret cow level. In this guide, we will explain how to find all of the runes in Minecraft Dungeons. 

All Minecraft Dungeons Rune Locations

As we mentioned earlier, there are a total of nine rune locations in Minecraft Dungeons which can be found after players have beaten the main story. With the story complete, players can restart the game on any difficulty to go back and find the runes. Once players have tracked down all nine runes, they’ll unlock the secret cow level (called Moo?? in the game), which is one of the five secret levels in the game. 

However, before you can find all the rune locations, you’ll need to visit the church outside of your main camp area once you’ve beaten the game. To access the church area, head northwest of your main camp until you reach a spring pad. After using the pad, you should find yourself on the other side of a canyon. Follow the path to your left until you reach a drawbridge. Lower the bridge so you can easily get back to the church later on and then keep walking until you find another switch that will allow you to go inside of the church. Once inside, you should see an area that will allow you to place the runes as you collect them.

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Lastly, before we explain where to find all of the Minecraft Dungeons rune locations, we need to mention that each area is randomly generated. This means that every area is different for every player. While each rune location has specific characteristics that will make it possible to spot, it can still be tricky to explain.

Check out the table below for a complete rundown of all the rune locations in Minecraft Dungeons:



Creeper Woods Rune

The Creeper Woods rune can be found near the quest that requires you to free the villagers. After you complete the quest, head southwest and look for a switch sitting on a stone. Interact with the switch and head through the opening to find the rune.

Soggy Swamp Rune

The Soggy Swamp rune can be found at the end of the level after you defeat the boss. You should see the switch for the rune on a stone pillar of sorts just before the door to exit the level.

Pumpkin Pastures Rune

The Pumpkin Pastures rune can be found towards the beginning of the level just past the first village. You should find the rune on a stone bridge or just past the area on top of the hill. If you reach the drawbridge then you missed the rune. 

Cacti Canyon Rune

The Cacti Canyon rune can be found after the key quest where you are attacked by a bunch of Arch-Illager’s. After the ambush, look around for a hidden switch just past the gate to open up a door to the rune. 

Redstone Mines Rune

The Redstone Mines rune can be found after you’ve freed the villagers for the second time. You should find the rune on a wall near the area with all of the Redstone Crystals.

Fiery Forge Rune

The Fiery Forge rune can be found just through the door at the end of the first mine. You’ll find the rune entrance near the set of steps with the Redstone Golem. 

Desert Temple Rune

The Desert Temple rune can be found during the quest to find the gold key. You’ll find the rune in the room that is just past the room with the golden key inside. The switch should be on the wall. 

Highblock Halls Rune

The Highblock Halls rune can be found near the villager who will take you to the castle. Head down the rightmost path and you’ll find the rune along a stone wall in the large courtyard area.

Obsidian Pinnacle Rune

The Obsidian Pinnacle rune can be found midway through the area inside a library. You’ll find the switch to unlock the rune by interacting with a book on a bookshelf. 

If you’re having trouble tracking down one of the Minecraft Dungeons rune locations, don’t give up. With the level’s being randomly generated, it can be pretty hard to give a detailed, clear explanation of where to find them. However, if you refer to the table above, you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking down all nine runes. Additionally, you can always invite a friend to help out. 

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