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Is Martichoras Good in SMITE? – Answered

Careful with that tail!

by Nikola L

Martichoras is the newest addition to SMITE’s roster of Gods (and other non-God mythical creatures that are playable), and everyone who has witnessed Martichoras knows how unorthodox this Hunter is. It’s more ability based than any other Hunter (except maybe… Chiron, I guess?) and it truly might take you some time to adapt to Martichoras if you intend to play him often. But the question of many SMITE players is… is Martichoras good or not? Prima Games reveals our analysis below.

How Good is Martichoras in SMITE?

Of course, we have covered the abilities of Martichoras in the Patch Notes article, so if you need to review the abilities of Martichoras on his debut, feel free to check it out:

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As mentioned, Martichoras is ability-dependent and his basic attacks are not as potent as those of other Hunters’. You will also notice that Martichoras does not have a dash, leap, or sprint ability, so he’s in that department, similar to the likes of Ah Muzen Cab, Artemis, and Skadi when it comes to quick mobility.

This, however, does not mean that Martichoras is bad.

Because you do not have an escape ability (that stealth brush does not really count as such, to be honest) you need to play more conservatively than you usually would because you don’t have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

In 1v1 situations, Martichoras fares quite well, and you will find yourself winning those situations more often than not. In team fights, Martichoras will certainly be good in the period upon release where not everyone is aware of his full potential, but I predict it might be trickier as time passes, because people might commonly identify him as a sort-of “Glass Cannon” threat that should be focused down before he springs out his kit fully. I mean, come on, look at the quantity and quality of those debuffs. And look at the potential damage. I predict that the Ultimate ability will commonly be used to dislocate yourself out of the team fight for four seconds and effectively stop the enemy team from focusing you down, allowing you to reposition yourself and resume damage dealing when you land. This is why a tank Martichoras build exists, especially while the Axe of Animosity bug remains (poison ticks proc the Axe of Animosity text).

The best advice that I might add for the end is to be aware of your surroundings as Martichoras, to have wards sprung out at key locations on the map (if on Conquest), and to wisely place your brushes and wisely use your cooldowns, because while Martichoras is giving a lot, he is also unforgiving if you misuse the abilities or misplace yourself in a team fight.

I predict that he might be a high-skill-cap God and we are yet to see how he will perform in tournaments. But I feel he’ll be good. He’s not overpowered like some Gods upon release (*COUGH* Guan Yu *COUGH* Chang’e *COUGH* Tsukuyomi *COUGH*) which gives me hope that Hi-Rez will perhaps try more to bring a healthier game state for everyone in the future.

If you like Martichoras, here are some build ideas that we’ve drafted:

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