Is Dead by Daylight Down? – How to Check Dead by Daylight Server Status

Is it a sudden outage or planned maintenance?

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No gamer loves the situation where their favorite online game is inaccessible, whether it is scheduled maintenance for a patch, an unpredicted outage due to an unforeseen failure, or god forbid a DDoS attack or some other human-made disaster.

When a player fails to connect to the game, naturally anxiety starts kicking in, and many players first question whether its down to their internet connection. But, what if everything is fine on your end and you can use other online services? Prima Games will show you how to check for the Dead by Daylight server status and detect outages.

Is Dead by Daylight Down or Up? How to Detect DBD Outage?

If you run into Error 8012, we have a guide on How to Fix Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012. However, if the game does not work for you and your (Steam) friends, you ought to check if DBD is completely down for everyone. You can easily do this in three places on the Internet, so you should bookmark this page if you need to remember this list for the future.

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  1. Check the official Dead By Daylight Twitter account. It seems that it is pretty responsive and active, so make sure to skim through their recent tweets for info.
  2. Downdetector page for Dead by Daylight. Downdetector is a pretty legit and revered website not just for Dead by Daylight, but for other online services as well. Users from all over the world use it to report access issues for services they use, and it is a very reliable service that sometimes indicates that a service is down before it is declared via official channels.
  3. Servicesdown page for Dead by Daylight. It’s a similar page to Downdetector, but less popular. However, it is still a good source for detecting if a service is down. After all, you can check multiple sources for these matters (as you always should) just to be sure about what’s going on.

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