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Dead by Daylight Project W Leaks: Rebecca Chambers, Albert Wesker and More

Oh boy, the crossover thickens!

by Nikola L

Dead by Daylight, the most popular horror game right now, and Resident Evil, one of the most popular horror franchises in the history of entertainment? Together? It seems like a winning combination based on the results of the last time a crossover deal was struck. However, now we have a data leak that implies that Dead by Daylight is boiling a new collab with the Resident Evil franchise and will introduce new fantastic characters that Resident Evil players love and adore: Albert Wesker and Rebecca Chambers being just two of them.

Data Leak in Dead by Daylight Reveals New Characters and a Resident Evil Collab

Albert Wesker (or as he will be known: The Mastermind) is finally going to join the Dead by Daylight Killer Roster, as we reported earlier this year.

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He will have the following perks it seems:

  • Superior Anatomy – When a survivor performs a fast vault within 8 meters, the perk activates, and your normal vault speed is increased by 30/35/40% for 3 seconds
  • Awakened Awareness – When you are carrying a Survivor, you will be able to see the aura of other survivors that are located within 16/18/20 meters of your current position. After you stop carrying the Survivor, this effect fades in two seconds.
  • Terminus – When exit gates are powered, Injured, Downed and Hooked Survivors are inflicted with the broken status effect until exit gates are opened. And when they get opened, Survivors stay broken for extra 20/25/30 seconds.

One additional Survivor will be introduced. Roll the drums, please…

Image via Resident Evil 2 Remastered Screenshot

…and welcome Ada Wong!

Mysterious, elegant, dangerous, smart, beautiful… We could go on and on about her. She has a decent-sized fan base. Many cosplay attempts of Ada Wong have been done and we are sure that she will be a popular character in Dead by Daylight.

Wiretap, Reactive Healing, and Low Profile will be her perks. Exact details aren’t known but it seems that she will be able to get info on the Killer’s position, hide with the Low Profile perk in a way, and perform some sort of healing.

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Rebecca Chambers will have “Better Than New”, “Reassurance”, and “Hyperfocus”, but not much info is available.

More alleged info can be found on the DBDLeaks Twitter in the tweet linked below:

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