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How to Get Better at Skill Checks in Dead By Daylight

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by Nikola L

Skill Checks can greatly impact your match in Dead By Daylight, and sometimes hitting or missing just one can win (or lose) you the entire match. If you’re wondering how to improve your QTE game for Skill Checks in Dead By Daylight, we are here to help by training you to perfection!

How to Practice Skill Checks in Dead By Daylight

Skill Checks happen during a match when you perform a specific action like healing or repairing. Usually, this happens when your nose or shoulder is itchy. The game just knows this. Do not ask us why. Jokes aside:

A gong-like sound is audibly heard at a random point during the action so that you can mentally prepare for a Quick Time Event that’s about to happen. The Skill Check consists of you hitting the secondary action button precisely where the game tells you to. It looks like a circle with a pointer that’s usually moving clockwise. You must press the button within a small part of the circle which is referred to as the “Success Zone.” Fail to do so and you won’t pass the check (do not wait for the pointer to turn another circle if you don’t press the button the first time because that’s not happening).

The Skill Check pointer starts from different angles and the Success Zone is always placed on a different part of the circle, so there’s no unique timing for you to hit “Great Skill Check” every time. The Great Skill Check gives an additional progress bonus, but it’s a really narrow part of the Success Zone. If you do not get the timing right, you may miss the entire Skill Check. The safer part of the Success Zone doesn’t give you bonuses (it just resumes the action you were taking prior to the Skill Check pop-up) and failing it sets you back. For most of the Skill Checks, it’s “just” -10%, while for some it may be up to -25%.

The good news is that there’s a Skill Check Simulator, made by community member Mistersyms. The best we’ve done with a few minutes of practice is three Great Skill Checks in a row. With enough practice, you’ll certainly almost never miss.

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