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Is Atomic Heart Performance on PC Good? – Answered

How well does the entire Soviet Union run on a PC?

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart River

Atomic Heart is finally available, after many many years of development. As Agent P-3, it’s up to you to discover the mystery behind a mysterious disaster at Facility 3826 and kick a whole lot of asses in the process. The game is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, though the first of those leaves a little confusion as to how well it performs. Here’s how Atomic Heart’s performance is on PC.

How Well Does Atomic Heart Perform on PC?

As far as raw performance goes, Atomic Heart runs flawlessly under the correct PC specs. Thanks to the inclusion of DLSS, Nvidia GPUs can run the game at very high framerates without too much of a dip in quality. Many users have reported that 4K resolution also runs great, with around 60 FPS with DLSS disabled on high-end systems. We ran the game on an i5-11400F and an RTX 3060 Ti without much issue either.

That is if you don’t include the game’s polish. While framerates are great, the game is prone to stuttering from time to time and did have a handful of crashes over its 15-hour runtime. It isn’t atrocious, but it’s enough to where you’ll notice. Provided you’re okay with that, it’s still a well-optimized machine.

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While it isn’t necessarily a performance-related issue, we felt it important to note a strange oddity with game updates. Every time Mundfish has released a Steam update for Atomic Heart thus far, the game has downloaded a fairly small patch but installed the entire size of the game over again. It’s something we haven’t seen in other games, so it’s strange to see it happening here, to say the least. Be ready for long updates if you’re running on a hard drive and not an SSD. If you’re looking for more help with Atomic Heart, check out our guide on how to use the scanner.

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