How to Unlock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crossbow

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players will soon have the chance to unlock a new crossbow weapon.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward recently announced that it would be extending Season 1 to where it will now end on February 11th. Infinity Ward explained the reason for extending Season 1 is to make room for a treasure trove of new content for players to enjoy soon. One piece of this new content will be the addition of a crossbow weapon to the first-person shooter. Players will be able to acquire this crossbow in-game without having to spend any money. Fortunately, we have all of the currently known information about how players can unlock this new crossbow covered for you.

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How to Unlock Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crossbow

According to the Season 1 extension announcement, players will be able to unlock the new crossbow weapon by completing an in-game marksman rifle related challenge. Unfortunately, Infinity Ward has revealed any other details regarding what this challenge will require players to do to complete it and unlock the new weapon. We will update this piece with the details of the in-game challenge to unlock this particular item when they are first made available by Infinity Ward.

You can see how the crossbow will look when it is being used in the image below courtesy of Gaming INTEL

unlock crossbow call of duty modern warfare

There will no doubt be plenty of excited players who will be eager to get their hands on the new weapon and see what kind of damage it can do to their opponents before the end of the game’s first season of content.

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