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How to Use Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy

You can't escape the Zodiac signs.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Astronomy Table Hogwarts.

There is no shortage of collectibles and tasks for you to complete around the map in Hogwarts Legacy, and later in the game, Astronomy Tables are added to the long laundry list. Most of the time the tables are simple enough to use, but there are some requirements before you begin observing the starts.

If you haven’t attempted to complete any of these tables yet, it can also be confusing at first glance. Amit Thakkar will be your first introduction to Astronomy Tables at Hogwarts, but he’s more concerned with some adventure around the castle. So we’re here to explain the tables instead.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Use Astronomy Tables

To use one of these tables, there is one major requirement. Astronomy Tables can only be used at nighttime, which makes sense because what goo is looking at starts when the sun is going to melt your eyes. If you approach a table during the day, you’ll simply get a prompt to come back when it’s nighttime.

You can pass time by opening up the map and skipping to the next cycle during the day if you really need to. Once it’s dark out in Hogwarts Legacy, you can approach the table and a constellation will appear in the telescope. You’ll notice on the screen that there are some circles that can be adjusted as well.

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These circles need to be shaped so that they match the constellation in the sky. As soon as you match them in the correct direction, you’ll get an image of the corresponding star sign. In total, there are around 14 Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy, so best of luck in matching all of those constellations.

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