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How to Defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

Time to stop RagRanrok from happening!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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You have made it to The Final Repository quest in Hogwarts Legacy and now it is time to utilize all that you have learned so you can take down Ranrok. Throughout the game, we can see just how powerful the leader of the Goblin Rebellion really is, but nothing compares to what we see in the end.

Using his own access to the Repository, Ranrok has taken on the form of a beast shrouded in the dark magic that he has been controlling since the start. Along with this new form, he is invulnerable to nearly all of your attacks. However, he can be defeated, and we are going to cover how.

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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Defeat Ragnarok

This fight is all about managing the orbs that appear in the arena. When the battle begins, there will only be one orb you need to deal with. You need to hit the orb with a spell of the corresponding color. So if the orb is red, using something like Bombarda will break it. Destroy these orbs anytime you see them to start damaging Ranrok.

After he has been hurt enough, he will run to a new room and more orbs will continue to spawn at higher rates. The same rule applies to these orbs and will continue to apply as the battle rages on. Simply break the orbs and damage Ranrok until the final phase of the fight begins in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Once you are in the final phase, there will be three or more orbs that you need to break at a time to start damaging him. Ranrok will also become more relentless in his attacks at the center of the arena. Once you have the boss to the second half of the health bar, they only need to be destroyed one more time and you can do all the damage you want. However, these orbs can dissipate if you are not fast enough, so make sure you put all that time you have in Hogwarts Legacy to use as you swap quickly.

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