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How to Upgrade the Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Nothing about this was fun

by Lucas White

In games like Story of Seasons, upgrading your watering can is a crucial way to save time and energy watering plants. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, upgrading your watering can is a magical spell that helps you eradicate evil fungus. We live in strange times in the world of free to play videogames. Upgrading your watering can is the tail end of a long quest, mostly because mushrooms are a pain. Here’s what you gotta do.

Upgrading Your Watering Can in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Long story short, you need to complete Merlin’s entire line of friendship quests. Early on you get a taste of what a watering can upgrade looks like when Merlin gets your help with an experiment. But it doesn’t become permanent until much later when Merlin gives you the “Dark Experiment” quest. To complete that task you need 20 mushrooms, 5 emeralds, and 3 purified night shards. This can take a while, mostly due to how scarce mushrooms can be.

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That first upgrade will let you destroy the smaller clusters of evil mushrooms, none of which are the ones that block your path. Because of course they aren’t. They do, however, provide extra mushrooms, which is crucial in a bit. For now though, in order to get Merlin’s final task, you need to have a certain little trash robot unlocked for the village. Luckily Wall-E is one of the first set of doors in the castle, making unlocking him cheap and easy. Take care of that if you haven’t already, and get Merlin to level 10.

A real wizard, a real human being

With all the requirements taken care of, Merlin will tell you it’s time to become a Real Wizard and assign the “Final Trial” quest. This one’s a doozy, thanks to needing even more mushrooms and having a couple of riddles to solve. You also need five more purified shards, so hopefully, you’ve saved those previous ingredients. Although post-patch, it’s less of an issue. For the two riddles, you can check out our individual guides for those:

You’ll be a bonafide wizard after turning everything in to Merlin, apparently. You can tell because he gives you a wizard hat in addition to your second watering can upgrade. Now you can take out all the mushrooms, such as the ones keeping you out of the extra space in the Glades. Congrats?

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