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How to Unlock Zakusa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Sorry, Selmie. There's a new legend.

by Daphne Fama

Zakusa Shrine is easily one of the most enjoyable shrines to unlock in the entire game. But it can also stump you if you’re uncertain what to do. To that end, here’s how to unlock Zakusa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Unlock Zakusa Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

If you know there’s a Shrine on Mount Lanayru but you just can’t track it down, or you’ve found the platform where the puzzle starts but don’t know where to go from there, I’m here to help.  

To start the Zakusa Shrine puzzle, you’re going to need to access the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower, which is at coordinates 3846, -1307, 0539. But it’s also at the very top of Mount Lanayru. And naturally, you’re going to want a ton of cold resistance foods or even armor to make it to the top.

And yes, that includes the Shrine entrance and puzzle, too!

Use the Skyview Tower to shoot yourself into the air, and be on the lookout as you fall for an island shaped like a teardrop, sort of. One round end and one narrow jutting bit.

Land on this island and you’ll notice that there’s a Shrine sigil but also a series of shields scattered around. Grab the Sled Shield and equip it.

Next, interact with the Shrine Sigil. It will glow but it won’t give you the option to fast travel to it because the shrine isn’t here! It’s far below.

Next, a sigil will appear at the bottom of the slope at the end of the platform. Here’s what we’ll need to do next. We need to shield slide down the bottom of the ramp, through the green circle. Glide and dive to land on the mountain below (cold resistance!!), and shield slide through a series of more green hoops until we get to the shrine spawn point at the base of the mountain. You’ll know when you’ve made it, it makes a splashy entrance.

There are about five rings you’ll need to glide through, and yes, they have a timer. But it’s not too harsh.

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I honestly found this to be the most fun unlock in the game, but it can be quite difficult! Missing even one hoop and you’ll need to reset the shrine puzzle. And because there’s no fast travel point, you’ll need to shoot yourself up through the Skyview Tower again and land on the starting floating island.

But it might also be worth looking at past saves. It’s possible your game autosaved your time on the floating island before you slid off and that will save you a few load screens.

If you’ve made it to this shrine, you’re so close to Hateno Village. For a full guide on all the villages, towns, and domains scattered across Hyrule check out our guide here: All Village Locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

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