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How to Complete Makasura Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

First we throw the ball, then we become the ball...

by Daphne Fama

Who doesn’t love a good shrine? Especially one that will let you teleport right to the adjacent town? Makasura Shrine is right beside Kakariko Village, and it’s a good one to knock out. So, here’s how to complete Makasura Shine in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Complete Makasura Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Each shrine has their own unique theme, which is pretty impressive considering there’s so many of them! Makasura’s theme is “an upright device”. But before we get into that, let’s make sure you know how to get to this shrine in case you’re looking for it.

How to Get to Makasura Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

It’s easy to visit a shrine with the intention of coming back and then completely lose track of which one it is on the map. Makasura Shrine is just South of Kakariko Village on the high ridge just south of the Chief’s house. Its coordinates are 1770, -1051, 0166.

Now that we’re all here, let’s get puzzling.

Puzzle 1.

We’ll enter a large room. Head to the far end, stand beneath the white metal grate, then use Ascend to reach the next level.

Now here’s where the real puzzle starts. And it’s pretty easy. There’s a metal grate on the ground with a green Zonai device attached to it. This Zonai device will lift anything that it’s attached to and balance on its copper bottom.

  • Hit the attached green Zonai device.
  • Once the platform goes vertical, stand beneath the grating and use ascend.
  •  Once you’re on top of the platform, jump and glide across the chasm.

And yep! That’s it. It’s possible that the second Zonai Device has a purpose, but it’s not really needed.

Puzzle 2.

The second puzzle is a little harder.

  • Drag the platform, which is identical to puzzle 1 to the cage on the left with Ultrahand. This cage is the one with the balls within.
  • Hit the Zonai device, then ascend to the top.
  • From the top, jump into the cage.
  • Lift the ball normally (do not attach it) and put it in the bowl.
  • Attach the green Zonai device to the bottom of the platform.
  • Hit the Zonai device and the ball will be thrown over the barred wall.
  • Use Ultrahand to lift the Zonai device and put it on the button where you found the ball.
  • Ascend through the metal grate to get out of the cage.
  • (Scroll to the bottom if you’re interested in the hidden chest).
  • Enter the now open room across the way.
  • Grab the short platform and drag it into the central room.
  • Make the taller platform lay flat, with its copper bottom facing towards the goddess statue / chasm.
  • Attach the short platform with its bowl at the top.
Become the ball, Link.
  • Hit the green Zonai device.
  • Rewind it, then run to sit in the bowl.
  • Release the Rewind, and you should be tossed across the chasm.

And that’s it! First, we got the ball, then we became the ball.

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How to Get the Secret Chest in Makasura Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

This is TotK, and naturally there’s a secret chest. You’ll need to lift the platform you used to get into the left cage with Ultrahand, putting it into the cage that had the ball.

Now, put this new platform against the far wall. Ascend through the grate, and you’ll be able to reach a chest on the ledge. For your effort, you’ll get a Fairy Tonic! How cute.

Congrats on your new tonic and Light Blessing! If you’re struggling with the nearby Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, you’re definitely not alone! Check out our guide on how to open it here: How to Solve the Sahasra Slope Tower in Tears of the Kingdom.

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