How to Solve the Sahasra Slope Tower in Tears of the Kingdom

A bit of a workaround.

There are quite a few Skyview Towers in Tears of the Kingdom, they work as fast travel points, map fillers, and a great way to get some height when roaming around Hyrule. However, opening and unlocking each one will not always be a walk in the park. Here is how to solve the Sahasra Slope Tower in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How Do You Solve Tear of the Kingdom’s Sahasra Slope Tower?

First off, when you come across the tower, it will look like nothing is wrong. Talk to the Rito NPC Billson next to it to learn that the door simply will not open because the shrine’s power terminal is on the fritz. He will tell you about a cave system running underneath the tower. He will mention the cave system, and a spot with mushrooms. Billson does not want mushrooms, do not give him mushrooms. SImply go down to the cave system below and ascend into the tower.

Billson’s Mushroom Cave TOTK

We recommend bringing weapons fused with rocks, because you will need to break a ton of pink rocks to clear through the cavern tunnels. Break through the first set of pink rocks with your rock weapon, and then you will come to a split in the path. Go forward to find some enemies and a chest, or go right until you come across another fork in the path. This is the direction you will need to go to open the tower.

When you come across another fork, which can be tricky to spot, you will want to take the new opening on the right-hand side. You will enter a small room, with a movable grey rock on the other side. In this small room, you can use the Ascend ability to ascend directly into the Sahasra Tower. The coordinates for this room at (1340, -1177, 0166)

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Now that you are inside, just remove the two sticks on either side of the door, open the door for the Rito, and the tower will be activated.

Now that the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower is solved, you are free to continue on your merry way. Tears of the Kingdom has so many secrets to uncover. Check out how to complete the side quest Camera Work in The Depths.

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