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All Village Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

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by Daphne Fama
Tears of the Kingdom Walk on Rails

Tears of the Kingdom is a massive, sprawling game that’s full of big open fields and things that want to kill you. Which makes it extra nice when you find a place where people are happy to see you. To that end, here are all the village locations in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where Are All of the Villages Located in Tears of the Kingdom?

While Hyrule is big, there actually aren’t that many settlements. They’re primarily concentrated on the east coast. But if you want to make a beeline to a place where there’s a bed, side quests, and a fairy who will happily trade your Light Blessings for a Heart Container, read on.

Just to note, this guide technically includes cities, towns, domains, and landings. Synonyms, as far as I’m concerned. But for the sake of accuracy, these non-villages have been relegated to the bottom of the list.

If you’re just curious to know about the precise locations of each village, here are the coordinates and the roads to get there.

From left to right: Gerudo Town (bottom left), Rito Village, Lookout Landing, Goron City (very top), Kakariko Village, Hateno Village, Lurelin Village (bottom right), Zora’s Domain, Tarrey Town
  • Hateno Village: Coordinates 3469, -2180, 0148. South of Mount Lanayru. It’s possible to reach it by following the road from Kakariko Village south, then taking the first road East. Eventually, you’ll hit Hateno Village.
  • Kakariko Village: Coordinates 1775, -1055, 0166. From Lookout Landing, cross the river to the east and you’ll hit a large road. Follow the road as it branches East and you’ll be there in no time.
  • Lurelin Village: Coordinates 2834, -3325, 0046. This village is difficult to get to because it’s surrounded by mountains. From Hateno Village, take the road west and go South when it branches. You’ll hit a fork in the road that goes northwest and southeast. When you have to make this choice, go straight south instead, climbing the mountains you encounter along the way. Eventually, you’ll find the monster infested Lurelin Village.
  • Rito Village: Coordinates -3653, 1807, 0168. To the far Northeast. From Lookout Landing, follow the road west and opt for the northwest road when it splits. Follow this road across Carok Bridge, then south when the road splits. When the road splits, choose the western fork. Eventually, you’ll reach a chasm you need to cross. Be aware that once you cross, you’ll need cold resistant foods or clothes. Once you’re over the Chas, you’ll be in Piper Ridge. Follow the road north, and eventually it will fork again. Go west, and you’ll find the bridge that leads to Rito Village.
  • Gerudo Town: Coordinates -3883, -2964, 0123. The most isolated city, it’s to the southwest, in the corner of the map. To get to it, you’ll need to work your way through a narrow canyon from Hyrule Field headed west. Just follow the river and main trail and you’ll make it there, eventually. But have heat resistant armor or food.
  • Goron City: Coordinates 1616, 2435, 0387. In Breath of the Wilds, you needed Heat Resistance to get to Goron City. But there’s no rampaging Divine Beast, so getting there is as easy as galloping up a hill. If you find Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower, take the main path North and follow it faithfully. It will end in Goron City.

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  • Lookout Landing: Coordinates -0253, 0105, 0021. You’ll land pretty close to here from Great Sky Island. Head Northeast, towards the red-smoking castle in the far distance. Eventually, you’ll see an encampment. This is Lookout Landing, and you should make a beeline there if you haven’t discovered it yet.
  • Tarrey Town: Coordinates: 3963, 1658, 0134. This town is deceptively easy to get to. If you managed to snag the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, you can glide right into town. Otehrwise, you’re going to need to follow the road North from Zora’s Domain, taking it East past Ukuku Plains and up Kaepora Pass. Take the first left in Kaepora Pass and you’ll find a bridge that will take you to Tarrey Town.
  • Zora’s Domain: Coordinates 3299, 0424, 0112. While this kingdom might be surrounded by muck, it’s also surrounded by mountains. I highly recommend grabbing the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and then just floating into Zora’s Domain. Getting up the mountain to the Skyview Tower can be tedious, but it lets you avoid the thick muck that surrounds Zora’s Domain.

Honestly, getting to most of these villages and towns is made much, much easier by unlocking as many Skyview Towers as possible. Check out this Skyview Tower, which stumps many of the people who first encounter it: How to Solve the Sahasra Slope Tower in Tears of the Kingdom.

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