How to Unlock Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage

Weapon Proficiencies Equals Promotion to Certain Classes in Fire Emblem Engage!

As you know, characters in Fire Emblem Engage have different weapons and abilities. To be promoted to a higher class in the game, you need to unlock Weapon Proficiencies. The problem now is you don’t know how to unlock Weapon Proficiencies. 

Well, not to worry, Prima Games has got you covered, and if you want to find out how to unlock Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage, you’ve come to the right place and need to read on. 

Firstly, we must ask…

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What Are Weapon Proficiencies in Fire Emblem Engage?

Weapon Proficiencies are a type of weapon skill set that allows characters to class or reclass on Fire Emblem.

Weapon proficiency measures a character’s skill and familiarity with a particular weapon. Each character has their own set of weapon proficiencies, and as they use a weapon in battle, their proficiency with that weapon increases. 

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As proficiency increases, a character can wield the weapon more effectively and may unlock new abilities or attacks associated with that weapon. Different characters will have different starting proficiencies and growth rates for each weapon type. 

It’s essential to consider a character’s proficiencies when selecting weapons for them to use in battle.

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How to Unlock Weapon Proficiencies?

To unlock weapon proficiencies, you must bond with different Emblem Rings. Each Emblem Ring offers different Weapon Proficiencies in FE Engage when reaching other bonding ranks and fighting side-by-side with them. 

Based on this information here, the best way to do this is to plan in advance which Emblems to equip your units with before battles. Another method is to spend bond fragments and have your unit fight with the Emblem in the arena between missions: The Somniel.

Side note: What is the Somniel? The Somniel is the newly installed hub area you can explore between missions on Fire Emblem Engage. The Somniel is your base operations center, where you can interact with allies and access facilities between battles.

An Example of Bonding to Unlock Weapon Proficiencies:

“The objective is to promote Framme to a High Priest. However, she does not have Magic Proficiency. Micaiah provides a Bond Effect at Lvl 9, which provides Magic Proficiency. You can obtain levels easily in the Arena. Now that Framme has Magic Proficiency, she is eligible for promotion to a High Priest.” 

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