How to Claim Order of Heroes Item Set in Fire Emblem Engage

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How to Claim Order of Heroes Item Set in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage is almost here and you can already prepare for the new mainline adventure of this popular JRPG tactical series if you play Fire Emblem Heroes on your mobile device. In order to get an early game boost in the form of the Order of Heroes item set, you need to check out the following guide. Here’s how to claim Order of Heroes item set in Fire Emblem Engage.

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How to Claim Order of Heroes Item Set in Fire Emblem Engage

To claim an Order of Heroes item set in Fire Emblem Engage through Fire Emblem Heroes, follow the steps explained below:

  1. Be sure that your “My Nintendo” account is connected to Fire Emblem Heroes. In the main menu of the game, go to Quests & Missions and check. If your account is not linked, going into this menu will prompt the login screen, so enter your Nintendo account credentials and link it up.
  2. In the app, go to the “My Nintendo Rewards” menu and find the “Nintendo Switch Game Bonus Code + 5 Orbs” to get the code.
  3. Turn on your Switch and go to eShop, select Redeem code and input the code that you got from the app.
  4. Now, start the Fire Emblem Engage on your Switch. Once you go to your base of operations (Somniel) the pop-up message will appear informing you that you received a “Special Gift” – the Order of Heroes item set.

What is in the Order of Heroes Item Set?

The Order of Heroes item set can be claimed from January 19, 2023, and it contains the following weapons and bond rings, which can be downloaded after completing Chapter 3 and going to Somniel in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • The Alfonse S-rank Bond Ring
  • The Anna S-rank Bond Ring
  • The Sharena S-rank Bond Ring
  • The Fensalir weapon
  • The Fólkvangr weapon
  • The Nóatún weapon

And that would be it, the process is not that complicated when you know the conditions for claiming these useful early-game items.

Fire Emblem Engage is coming out exclusively for Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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