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All Confirmed Classes in Fire Emblem Engage Listed

Where's Fire Emblem 101 though?

by Matt Vatankhah

The newest installment of Intelligent Systems’ beloved tactical RPG series is on the brink of release, as Fire Emblem Engage is only a few weeks away from hitting Nintendo Switch consoles. Like its predecessors, Fire Emblem Engage contains a wide variety of different classes to choose from to structure the best parties to lead towards victory. If you’re curious of which classes you’re sure to find in the upcoming title, we’ve got you covered here. Read on to learn of all confirmed classes in Fire Emblem Engage – listed in alphabetical order.

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All Confirmed Classes in Fire Emblem Engage Listed

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Below is a list of all confirmed classes in Fire Emblem Engage. We’ll keep it updated as more information is released.

Class NameUsed By
Axe ArmorJade
Axe FighterCorrupted / Anna / Boucheron
Bow KnightElusian Soldier
Divine DragonAlear
Dragon ChildAlear
Great KnightBunet
Griffin KnightChloe
High PriestPandreo
Lance ArmorLouis
Lance FighterCorrupted
MageCitrinne / Clanne
NobleAlfred / Celine
PaladinVander / Amber
SentinelTimerra / Fogato
Sword FighterLapis
ThiefYunaka / Zelkov
Tireur d’eliteAlcryst
Wing TamerIvy / Hortensia
Wolf KnightMerrin
Wyvern KnightRosado

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Classes help determine the initial stats and abilities of any given unit. Like most party-based RPGs, you’ll need to plan your lineup accordingly to succeed in battle, as each class comes with its pros and cons for your group, and certain classes may synergize better with others.

Once a unit reaches level 10 with a class, it can be promoted to its next tier by using a Master Seal and the Class Change menu. You can probably guess why it’s important to promote your unit’s classes – increased stats and more abilities.

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