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Will Fire Emblem Engage Have Romance? – Answered

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by Jesse Vitelli

Fire Emblem Engage features many famous and iconic characters from earlier entries in the series. This brings along plenty of nostalgia and exciting moments as the game progresses while creating something unique for the player. A staple of Fire Emblem games is building relationships and romance different NPCs. Will Fire Emblem Engage have romance? We have the answer for you below.

Will Fire Emblem Engage Have Romance? – Answered

As we currently know, you can build your relationship meter with different NPCs around the game. You are taking them on special dates, giving them items, and spending quality time together. In the pre-release materials provided for Engage, we have seen no signs that point to romance, and subsequently, marriage, being a part of this game. That isn’t to say it’s not available; we just don’t have all of the information currently.

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So, we will update this guide when more information is known specifically about romancing different characters in Fire Emblem Engage. For now, we know that a system very similar to Fire Emblem Three Houses is in play, where we can see the main character spending one-on-one time with various different folks around the game.

For those looking for a new tactical RPG, look no further than Fire Emblem Engage. It’s sure to have everything the tactics fan in your life is looking for. We will have plenty of helpful tips and tricks for you if you get stuck.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about if Fire Emblem Engage will have romance. For more tips,t tricks, and guides, be sure to check out Prima Games. Fire Emblem Engage is sure to have a plethora of challenging fights, systems, and more. Here’s how Fire Emblem Engage fits into the mainline series.

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