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How to Unlock the Lightsaber in Solar Smash

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic

The planet destruction simulator, Solar Smash, offers many insane weapons to destroy celestial objects with, from nukes, lasers, space ghosts, flying saucers, and dragons. So having a giant lightsaber in your arsenal is not that out of place.

If you have ever wondered what would happen if you had a giant lightsaber in space that you could use to chop up planets of various shapes and sizes, Solar Smash provides you with the answer to that question. You can indulge in your fantasy of roasting and hacking up the planet with a Lightsaber and imagine that you are some kind of giant space Jedi – but first you need to unlock the Lightsaber as a weapon.

How to Unlock Lightsaber Weapon in Solar Smash

In order to unlock the Lightsaber in Solar Smash, you must use rockets. Simply open the tab containing them and select the basic nukes. Following that, you must fire 66 rockets in a single shot to unlock Lightsaber. So, that’s basically it. Fire nukes like crazy, pay attention to the exact number, and it should be unlocked and added to your weapons inventory.

The Lightsaber is an exciting weapon in Solar Smash that lets you burn through any planet. It resembles a huge hilt with the ability to unleash a laser beam. This laser works like a sword and lets you cut a variety of materials. Thus, it looks like the Lightsaber is a very powerful weapon and you should acquire it as soon as possible so you can feel like a real Jedi or Sith. Now all we need is the Death Star in Solar Smash.

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