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How to Unlock the Il Molise Stage in Vampire Survivors

by Lucas White

Il Molise is a really bizarre stage. Instead of various monsters and villains, you’re pitted up against wave after wave of… immobile plants. You still get normal rewards, though. But, and this is a big deal too, you also only have a 15 minute timer before our old friend Death shows up. I’m not sure entirely what the level’s purpose is yet, but here’s how to unlock Il Moise in Vampire Survivors if you aren’t sure.

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It’s actually pretty easy to unlock Il Moise. We got it and didn’t even realize it. All you have to do is unlock Hyper Mode for any level. Each level has its own requirement, but it’s usually doing something you would do on your first run anyway.

There’s a weird alternative as well. You can type out “relaxenjoylilfe” on the main menu screen. So, there’s that piece of information. We aren’t really sure what to do with it, but perhaps it means more cheat codes are buried in Vampire Survivors’ code. Who can say?

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