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How to Unlock Quick Start Game Mode in Vampire Survivors (Patch v0.11.209)

Our prayers have been answered!

by Nikola L

Have you ever got bored and wanted to just play a quick game without having to select a character, a stage, and all of that?
Poncle answered our prayers and from now on, Vampire Survivors has a Quick Start game mode that will assign you a random character and toss you in a random stage. Prima Games is, as always, ready to deliver a guide to our readers.

How to Play Vampire Survivors in Quick Start Game Mode

The unlocking process is not difficult at all luckily, and will probably not take you more than a few minutes to get it done. Some players found it weird that the button is not there immediately upon launching the game, but this is not a reason to get worried, we assure you.

From what we have gathered, you are just supposed to play a couple of runs and the button will appear for you in the main menu next to the Start button. No other unlocks should be mandatory and we have found no such specifications in the game files.

Screenshot made by Prima Games

We are anticipating the full release of Vampire Survivors soon, and it is expected that we will get no further new content until the full release under version v1.0, which might hint at a release on consoles as well after the game gets fully optimized and tested. We are, of course, hoping for the best for all of our console-owning readers.

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