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How to Unlock PVP Multiplayer in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

1v1 me, bro.

Though Armored Core IV: Fires of Rubicon may appear to be single-player only, there is a multiplayer mode. It isn’t accessible straight off the bat, and you’ll need to unlock it first. Here’s how to access PVP multiplayer in AC6.

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How to Unlock PVP Multiplayer in AC6

To gain access to multiplayer in Armored Core 6, you must have completed Chapter 2. Once you’ve beaten Ocean Crossing, which is the 14th mission of AC6, you’ll get a message from Ayre about “a special mercenary support program.”

This unlocks the NEST online battle simulator in the Garage menu, where you can jump into 1v1 or 3v3 player-versus-player combat against other players’ Armored Core mechas.

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In Ocean Crossing, you must reach Grid 086’s upper level and defeat the Sea Spider boss after boarding the container on the cargo launcher. It can be a tough fight, especially since it has some devastating attacks that can knock you for six, so ensure your mech is decked out enough first.

While playing through 14 missions to the end of Chapter 2 and defeating the C-Weapon Sea Spider boss may seem excessive, it’s essentially a skill check to ensure that those who participate in PVP can hold their own in battle.

Does Armored Core 6 Have Local Multiplayer?

Armored Core 6 does not have local multiplayer and is restricted to online PVP play only. This means no split-screen or co-op gameplay.

Now that you know how to unlock PVP multiplayer in Armored Core 6, find out how to beat the AH12 HC Helicopter if you haven’t already.

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