Armored Core 6: How to Unlock More Parts in AC6

Deck out your mech.

If you’re just starting out in Armored Core 6, you might be struggling to customize your AC to your liking. After all, the parts offered at the beginning of the game are a little.. light on variety. But fear not, for there are several sure-fire methods to unlock parts as you progress through the chapters.

How to Get More Parts in AC6

Take on the Arena

The Arena in Armored Core VI is a simulated battleground where you’ll face off against a variety of colorful opponents, some of whom star as main or supporting characters in the story. By defeating these challengers, you’ll not only unlock OS Chips for permanent upgrades and unlocks but also more AC parts. Some opponents will drop the parts off their back (literally), particularly those at the end of each rank.

Look Out For Crates and Combat Logs

Hidden in some levels are Supply Crates, which can be pinged with your Scanner (down on the d-pad) and glow with an orange beacon. These crates contain new AC parts, free of charge, so be on the lookout as you explore the game’s sometimes large levels.

You’ll also want to watch out for Combat Logs, denoted by enemies with blue/green eyes and a special icon near their target marker. These foes will award one of several rarities of Combat Log for your Hunter Rank, and leveling up means more AC parts will become available for purchase.

Complete Story Chapters

Throughout your playthrough, parts will become available for sale as you progress the story. These batches of parts come in at the end of the game’s “Chapters,” but some only unlock in NG+ and NG++. This means no matter which playthrough you’re on, Armored Core VI keeps the unlocks coming. So be sure to stop by the shop whenever the game tells you there are more parts to buy!

Looking to rack up some Credits? Replaying high-payout missions with a high degree of efficiency (low damage and low ammo use) is a surefire way to quickly grind some cash so you can afford whatever your heart desires.

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