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How to Unlock and Use Life Skills in Lost Ark

by Nikola Pajtic

Lost Ark is full of different materials for crafting. To begin harvesting these resources, you first need to unlock Life Skills. They are essentially gathering skills that almost every MMORPG has, and they include mining, foraging, fishing, hunting, logging, and excavating. Here is how to unlock and use Life Skills in Lost Ark.

How Life Skills Work in Lost Ark


Mining is the first unlockable life skill in Lost Ark. To obtain it, you will need to complete the quest for Thirain in Lakebar Village. He will task you with gathering ore and making a crown. Accept the pop-up quest to enter the Mining Guide, and you will then find a vendor where you can buy a pickaxe. Once you get the pickaxe, go outside the village and gather ore by pressing G to mine ore from blue lumps of rock.


The next skill is Fishing. A guide quest about fishing will pop up when it is time for you to collect food for a feast. You can buy a fishing rod from a vendor, but you can only fish in certain spots. Once you’re at a fishing spot, just press E to cast your line and E again to reel it in.


Collecting plants across the map is your next life skill, and it is called Foraging. You help Thirain gather plants for the starving people of Freyad Village. He will trigger the Guide Quest for Foraging which tasks you with finding Awella. Follow the purple quest markers to find her and unlock it.

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Once you have finished with Foraging, you will be able to learn how to hunt. Talk to the Trade Skills Guildmate when you begin the Guide Quest. You will find him at the exit of Freyad Lake. The Guildmate will give you the Novice Hunting Tool with which you will perform your first hunt at Bilbrin Forest.


You’ll start chopping down wood once you talk to Toibonen near the entrance of Bilbrin Forest. This will trigger the Guide Quest for Logging. Go to Spring Refugee Outpost where you will find the Trade Skills Guildmate from whom you will receive the needed tool.


Last but not least is Excavating. You will get this life skill after completing the ‘To the Battlebound Plains’ quest in the Helmon Castle Ruins.
Speak with Awella, who will now be at the exit of Bilbrin Forest, and get your excavating tool. You will also receive the Relic and Sonar search ability, with which you’ll be able to find lost relics.

These are all of the Life Skills in Lost Ark, so go out there and unlock them all. We have more guides for you such as What to Do After the Card Catalog is Full.

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